funk and the like

a little mix of funk, jazz-funk, funk soul and whatever the funk you like for your delectation in a handy player

  1. here we go a cheesy jazz-funk tune à la JTQ to get things started. 3:20
  2. funklife another jazz-funk tune with a rocky ending for good measure, with guitars, hammonds, horn lines, moog melodies and some funky bass and drums. 4:28
  3. november more jazz-funk with a hybrid ending – an up-tempo number heavily influenced by JTQ to the point where I think I may have subconsciously nicked some riffs – I hope not. 3:17
  4. 10 past funk o’clock a mish-mash of funk and disco with some jazz and other nonsense thrown in for good measure. Featuring solid bass and drums with Hammond, guitars, horns and the odd strings. 5:24
  5. didn’t anybody tell you? a rather retro mix of funk, disco, Turkish makams and the usual nonsense featuring some stirling bass work by Boa Dubless and strong beats by Ed Thrums in this dare I say it, prog funk disco track. 6:10
  6. funk-a-ling-a-ling Bam Boozle & the Horn Swogglers 5:00
  7. the road to Phinn’s Acre audioscapist 3:10
  8. sulla strada per Barga another road trip for the Bam, Boa, Ed and Art. This one long and torturous and they haven't even got there yet. Anyroad, they will eventually. This tune was written for a good friend who lives in Barga, Italy who plays in a soul band. Therein lies a problem, because this track is a jazz-funk hybrid with some scarily muzak-like nonsense thrown in. Featuring Hammond, bass, drums and guitar. 4:26
  9. the Nile some jazz-funk. The title has nothing to do with a river. There is a tenuous link to Nile Rodgers who is one of my favourite musicians and producers. Featuring alto and tenor saxophones played over a strong rhythm section of bass, drums, guitar and keys. 3:14
  10. you know when a funk soul jam featuring soul sisters Terrie Odabi, Ruth & Stephe on wails, and soul brothers Bam on rhodes, Art on guitar, Ed on drums & Boa on bass. 4:24
  11. put this behind us Bam, Boa, Ed, Ruth and la Faune muck about with a jazz tune and I'm using the last two terms pretty loosely. 5:28
  12. it’s obvious a little jazz jam with new horn swoggler Stephe Hooxan on tenor saxophone with Bam on piano, Ed on drums and Boa on bass. 3:12
  13. more tea Mrs Armitage? a funking jam featuring Terrie from Tonehammer on vocals joining Bam Boozle & the horn swogglers plus friends with hammond, bass, guitar, clavinet, drums, moog and a sax section. 4:49


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