a mumblin’ an’ a bumblin’

      a mumblin' an' a bumblin'

A fairly hypnotic (i.e. repetitive) and laid back groove in a jazz style with rhodes, double bass, drums, flute and synths.

the road to Finn’s Acre

      the road to Finn's Acre

a slow funked up jazz tune by the Bam Boozle Quintet, a right BBQ of a jam with Bam on the piano, Boa Dubless on bass, Ed Thrums keeping the beat, Ruth Tempet on trumpet and Stephe Hooxan on the sax.

it’s obvious

      it's obvious

… a little jazz jam with new horn swoggler Stephe Hooxan on tenor saxophone with Bam on piano, Ed on drums and Boa on bass.



imagine if you will, a sextet with piano, double bass, drums, trumpet, vibes and synths playing this jazz tune plus the usual nonsense (an element of the circus maybe??) in a small club near you.