the road to Finn’s Acre

the road to Finn's Acre     

a slow funked up jazz tune by the Bam Boozle Quintet, a right BBQ of a jam with Bam on the piano, Boa Dubless on bass, Ed Thrums keeping the beat, Ruth Tempet on trumpet and Stephe Hooxan on the sax.

it’s obvious

it's obvious     

… a little jazz jam with new horn swoggler Stephe Hooxan on tenor saxophone with Bam on piano, Ed on drums and Boa on bass.



… big, medium and small rattling around in your head, all friendly but very noisy.

more tea Mrs Armitage?

more tea Mrs Armitage?     

a funking jam featuring Terrie from Tonehammer on vocals joining Bam Boozle & the horn swogglers plus friends with hammond, bass, guitar, clavinet, drums, moog and a sax section.

G minor blues

G minor blues     

Bam Boozle and the horn swogglers play a slow laid-back minor blues in the jazz style for those summer evenings. Bam on piano, Ruth Tempet on trumpet, Boa Dubless on double bass, Art Guthie on guitar and Ed Thrums on drums (Bam & Ruth made a few changes 3/7/2011).